Improving the Value of Your Property

Here are 5 ways of improving the value of your property.

  1. If you have a small budget, you may be tempted to do some or all of the work yourself to save money but DIY renovations can easily backfire.  If the quality of workmanship is substandard this will diminish your sale price, possibly eliminating any profit you might have made in much the same way as under-capitalising on a renovation.
  2. When renovating a bathroom use ceramic tiles rather than porcelain.  Porcelain tiles are more expensive to lay and are generally more expensive to buy.
  3. Nothing transforms a property like a new coat of paint in fresh modern colours.  When choosing paint colours select light colours, white or off white as these brighten up flats and apartments which are typically not very light.  If you want to add some colour, try a feature wall in the bedroom or living room.
  4. Remember the little finishing touches to your property; these may include matching chrome door stops, soap holders in the bathrooms, robe hooks behind the bathroom and bedroom doors, a large mirror in the bathroom and soft close toilet seats.
  5. In terms of adding value, no other room in your property compares to that of your kitchen.  This area is the pivotal hub of a property and will single handily add the biggest value to your property.  Your kitchen can make or break a sale so don’t be afraid to invest money in this area to ensure a high return on investment but do so in a way that your new kitchen meets the expectations of your market and not go significantly beyond

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