Success of Your Renovation

Planning is critical to the success of your renovation.  Once you have completed your walk through of your property to determine what work you will be carrying out, the next step is to establish a plan.

Here are 3 things to consider:

  1. Who will being carrying out the work, you or a tradesman?  If you engage in the services of a tradesman you should always use a qualified Electrician or Plumber and ensure you are provided with certificates once the work is completed.
  2. Are you buying the materials or will the tradesmen be purchasing the items?
  3. The removal of rubbish throughout the renovation will be an ongoing requirement so ensure you arrange for the correct sized skip.  Sometimes skip hire companies will give you a cheaper price if you are prepared to split your rubbish for them (i.e. instead of getting a 6 metre skip, they can provide you with a 2 metre skip for rubble, concrete and brickwork and a 4 metre skip for all other rubbish).

There is a lot to consider when planning your renovation and timing is critical.  If you don’t have your timing of trades correct it could cost you days or weeks of unproductive time and loss of money.macbook

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